Centre for Water Science and Technology

Structure type: 
Centros de Estudos e Desenvolvimento
José Paulo Monteiro
Thematic Area: 
Ciências Exatas e Naturais
Scientific Area: 
Hidrologia, Hidrogeologia, Tecnologias de Tratamento da Água e Gestão de Recursos Hídricos
Research Lines: 

CTA participated in several research projects funded by national and European organizations in the fields of hydrology, hydrogeology, water treatment technologies and water resources management over the course of the last decade. These investments allowed the creation of opportunities of collaboration for various MsC and PhD students in projects in these fields. Support has also been provided to national and international companies responsible for water management, with the aim of granting the necessary technical and scientific support conditions for carrying out its activity, taking into account the exigencies of the Water Framework Directory (WFD) guidelines.

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