1 st cycle (1 st year)

Basic training about the the Library and its resources for first-year undergraduate students accompanied by a school counselor, teacher or class coordinator.

              COVID-19 - Prevention and containment measures 

              It will be analyzed if there are conditions for conducting face-to-face or remote access training.​​​​​​​


Publicize the services and resources of the UAlg's Library.

Demonstrate the services and resources available online.

Exemplify the research, interpret results and locate documents.

Location: classroom / auditorium (with access to the Internet and video projector)

Duration: 1h30m. The action may be complemented with a guided tour lasting 30 minutes.

The sessions will take preferentially in the first semester.

Gambelas Campus: for enrolment please send an e-mail to Nélia Sequeira nsequeira@ualg.pt

Penha Campus and Portimão Campus: for enrolment please send an e-mail to Maria João Barradas mjbarra@ualg.pt  


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