Check to see that you have sent the following documents and those have been approved and accepted by the University of Algarve:

- Application Form;

- Academic Curriculum;

- Learning Agreement.

If you have been admitted to study at the University of Algarve, make sure that: 

- You have received a letter of acceptance by the University of Algarve;

- You make proper accommodation arrangements.

Don't forget:

- Identity Card or Passport;

- European Health Security Card for your medical assistance;

- 2 photos.

If you are a Non-European Union citizen:

- Passport valid for your entire study period;

- Proper visa (student or research);

- Private medical insurance;

- Certificate of home address in your country (if applicable).

For long-stay studies you should also:

- Make copies of all important documents: passport, diplomas, insurance, etc.;

- Make sure you have enough money (cash) to get settled;

- Certified copies of your qualifications obtained abroad (if applicable);

- International Driving license if staying over 3 months.

Important: Be on time! The start of the academic year is generally in the beginning of September. 


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