Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Algarve

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Algarve

Welcoming and integrating international students on mobility is the main objective of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Algarve, which became a full member of the International Platform of the ESN, at the end of July, in Braga.

This network is present in 37 European countries and has over 450 active sections, being the ESN Algarve the tenth in Portugal.

"Welcoming these colleagues as we would like to be received ourselves in similar situations" is the motto of the General Board, led by Simon Costa, a student of Radiology, who has also experienced himself international mobility.

The ESN Algarve is a non-profitable student organisation and has the support of the Ualg's International and Mobility Office, both collaborating in the reception of students, as well as, monitoring the Erasmus students' entire journey at the University of the Algarve.
International students choosing the University of the Algarve now have an Association that provides them support on many levels, from airport reception service, finding accommodation, to their full integration into the University itself, as well as, the city and region, throughout guided tours and promotion of cultural events.

In September, an Orientation Week has already been scheduled, which will be receiving approximately 400 students from over 60 nationalities, with the support of the ESN Algarve.

The initiatives that have been promoted by the ESN Algarve section while being a candidate, have earned it a vote of confidence by the national structure. Furthermore, it has been awarded with the organization of the next national meeting of the ESN, which will take place in late September, in the Algarve, and that will involve all the Portuguese local structuresMore info:

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