Who can use the Library?

Everyone is welcome to use the library and its resources. However, registration and a reading card are required to be granted lending privileges. For most students, teachers and staff, the University identity card fulfils this requisite.

When enjoying the library service please pay attention to its rules:

Be careful with the collections (books, maps and other documents);

Behave adequately for an environment beneficial to everyone's study;

Return lent documents on schedule and in the best conditions;

Be advised that some books are not available for borrowing.

What can I find at the Library?

Collections: you will find a large variety of books, journals, newspapers (some in English), as well as maps and multimedia.

Online Catalogues:  all materials are electronically indexed and can be searched online at www. ualg.pt.   

Online Resources: eBooks and several bibliographic databases, concerning all fields of knowledge are also available through the Library's web site; Open Access to international scientific full-text journals through the consortium b-on  ( including Web of Science, Wiley, Taylor & Francis, Springer, SIAM, Sage, Nature, ISI, IEEE, Elsevier, among others).

Note: Access to online resources acquired bythe UAlg is restricted by IP. 

How do I find what I want?

You can freely browse the shelves (which you go to yourself), which are arranged according to the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC), dividing all fields of knowledge in subjects with numerical notations. There are, however, many documents (such as academic dissertations, theses, older editions, audiovisuals, etc) that due to their lower use or reserved condition are kept in the stock and must be asked at the Library's main counter.

How can I find the books on the shelves?

The books on the shelves are arranged by subject, according to the Universal Decimal Classification (UDC). This classification divides knowledge into 9 main classes, corresponding a number to each of those areas. This number (Cota) is placed on the bookshelves and on the spine of the books (Label), for a quick easy find.


Science and Knowledge. Organization. Computer Science. Information.


Philosophy. Psychology.


Religion. Theology.


Social Sciences


[Reserved for future development]


Mathematics. Natural Sciences.


Applied Sciences. Medicine. Technology.


Arts. Recreation. Entertainment. Sport.


Language. Linguistics. Literature.


Geography. Biography. History.

How long does the lending period lasts?





UAlg's Staff. Non-Teachers










7 days

14 days

7 days

7 days

It is possible to renew the loan period 2 times, by choosing the option User (renewals) on the UAlg's web page, or sending an email to: bibrenova@ualg.pt.

All borrowed library material must be returned within the allotted loan period. Failure to do so will result in a fine of 0.25€ per book and per day, including weekend and holidays. The day count is by the calendar and there's a self-return slot, near the entrance of the Gambelas Library, to enable book returning during closure time. This service is only availabe in the Library at Gambelas Campus,

Can I bring my study group along?

Throughout both floors of the Library Reading Room there are several study cabinets (except in the Library at Portimão campus). These spaces don't require reservation and can be freely occupied for group work. Make sure you find one that fits your group needs.

Can I print my documents?

If you need to print work carried out at the Library's workstations or any document retrieved from the Internet, you can use the default settings already in place and then pay to get them at the Library's main counter. A scanner is also at your disposal, in which case files get sent directly to your email address.


Black & White                Colour
A4: 0,05€                       A4: 0,50€
A3: 0,10€                        A3: 0,75€

Can I make hard copies?

There are copying machines available for a nominal fee for black & white and colour copies. To use them, though, you'll need to purchase a magnetic card from the auto-vending machine or at the Library's main counter. Please remember that you will be responsible for upholding any intellectual property restrictions applicable.


Black & White                Colour
A4: 0,05€                       A4: 0,50€
A3: 0,10€                        A3: 0,75€

And what if I don't have a computer?

You can work for free on one of the Library's computers. Our workstations are equipped with Internet access, and Office and SPSS software. If you are registered with the University, you may even bring your own laptop and access all facilities trough a wireless connection (Wi-Fi network access).

And if the Library doesn't hold what I want?

Books and journals articles can be requested from other libraries through the Inter-Library Loan service. this service is reserved for University students and staff and a request should be submitted at the Library's main counter by filling the appropriate form or you can send an email to bibeib@ualg.pt and providing as much accurate information as possible. 

Bear in mind that such requests will be subject to an unavoidable time lapse.

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