Fullbright Portugal

The Luso-American Cultural Commission – Fulbright Commission was created in 1960 by diplomatic agreement signed between the Portuguese Government and the Government of the United States of America. The Commission administers in Portugal since then the Fulbright Program of educational exchange – Fulbright Portugal.

The mission of the Fulbright Commission is to foster mutual understanding between Portugal and the United States by providing opportunities for exchange of teachers, researchers and students based on merit, providing guidance and quality information on education systems of the two countries, and the organization of initiatives that enhance knowledge sharing.

With the aim of making accessible to the widest possible number of students, researchers and teachers the necessary and correct information about the Fulbright Programme and the American education system, the Fulbright Commission signed cooperation agreements with Portuguese universities, under which these universities were established as Fulbright Information Regional Centres, which have the resources and qualified personnel to respond to requests for information on opportunities to study, research and teaching in American universities.

The University of Algarve is one of the Fulbright Information Regional Centres.

The grants of the Fulbright Program gives to Portuguese students and professors the opportunity to study, teach and do research in the United States of America, as well as to American students and professors the opportunity to develop the same type of activities in Portugal.

The Fulbright grants are intended to graduate students, professors and researchers with doctoral degrees who wish to study, do research or teach at American universities.


If you are a USA citizen interested in studying, teaching or doing research at the University of Algarve, go to the Fulbright webpage and select Portugal on the map or from the list.


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