Recognition of qualifications

For information on recognition of foreign higher education qualifications, please visit NARIC (National Academic Recognition Information Centres).

Any foreign degree/diploma should be recognised in Portugal either for academic or professional purposes. This procedure is built upon the need to compare qualifications according to the Portuguese higher education system.

What are the main objectives for this recognition?

- Pursuing studies

- Entering the labour market

- Carrying out research

- Attending professional traineeships


Foreign academic diplomas generally need to be certified/legalised by a Portuguese Embassy or Consulate and then authenticated with the Hague Apostille (Apostilha de Haia) for adhering countries, which is often done through an authorised public notary.  Once in Portugal, you may submit these documents to the Academic Services of the University of Algarve, to obtain academic recognition of your university degree (Reconhecimento de Habilitações). In Portugal, universities give equivalence or parity to foreign higher education level qualifications.

To obtain recognition of academic qualification(s), the Academic Services will require:

- Certified/legalised academic diploma authenticated through a Portuguese embassy or consulate and containing the Hague Apostille (if applicable).

- Official translation of diploma if in a foreign language. The University of Algarve accepts English, French and Spanish academic diplomas.


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