UAlg´s Team

The UAlg's Team is an initiative of the University of Algarve which seeks to strenghten relations between higher education and primary and secondary education, to provide students with an in-depth knowledge in diverse scientific areas and to raise awareness of the importance of access to higher education. The lectures and training sessions or other actions are free, accessible and informal, led by UAlg teachers and may be integrated into the curriculum of courses or other shcool activities.

The UAlg's Library grants access to 2 UAlg's Team sessions:

Open access -  how to search in scientific databases for full text articles and books of cultural and scientific interest in open access.

Target audience: Highschool students from the 12th grade (duration: 1h30)

Discovering the European Union, “travelling through time, through the European continent,  the people, languages, economic activities, famous personalities and the history of the European Union, institutions, policies, enlargement and propstects for the future.

Target audience: Highschool students from the 9th to the 12th grade (duration: 1h30)

How to request a training session?

The UAlg's Communication Office contacts with UAlg's Team teachers and organizes guided tours. To book send a request to


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