Serviços (Services)

The CBME/UAlg Animal Facility may provide the following services:

-Technical and scientific support to UAlg investigators in the use of experimental mouse models, according to the Portuguese Animal Welfare regulations.

-In house breeding of small numbers of mouse “inbred” strains, namely C57/Bl6 and 129/Sv;

-Breeding and housing of geneticaly modified mouse strains;

-Performance of surgical procedures intended to improve the health status of housed animals; and assistance with animal import/export according to the SPF status of the receiving Animal Facility..

-Technical and scientific advice to investigators planing to design genetic manipulation experiments using mouse models;

-Biomedical, phamacological, toxicity, etc. studies for external entities upon request and contract.

- Live Imaging of small animal models allowing the visualization of anatomical structures and hemodynamic functions in vivo.

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